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General requirements and info

The main purpose of a NPO is not to earn an income from economic activity but it can be economically active, hold a (bank) account, enter into contracts and pay salaries.

The income of a NPO may be used only to achieve the goals specified in its articles of association. A NPO shall not distribute profits among its members (may not pay dividends).

The nonprofit organization (NPO) must have:

1. At least 2 members (natural or legal persons)
2. At least one board member - only natural persons
3. Registered address in Estonia

Accounting of the NPO

The management board organizes the accounting of NPO. Accounting is similar to the limited liability company (OÜ).
Our accounting team can help you with you accounting and annual report needs.

Required data and documents

1. Name of the NPO
2. The purpose (activity) of the NPO
3. NPO's e-mail address
4. Passport copies, addresses, e-mail addresses of all board members (directors)
5. Passport copies, addresses and e-mail addresses of all members
6. If the members are legal persons (a company), then we need documented info - name, register number and address of the company

Registration process

As a rule we create the NPO and later transfer the membership and management board membership to final members. It is also possible to create the NPO directly with final members and board members names. Which option to choose depends of details and your preferences.

Registration process usually takes up to 1 week. Transfer of the NPO takes 1 day in case you visit Estonia and few weeks if it is done remotely (without visiting Estonia).

Filing changes in register takes maximum 1 week.

Remote registration

In case board member(s) of the NPO can’t visit Estonia for for the purpose of filing their names in register it is possible to arrange everything remotely. This usually adds minimum 1 week to the timeframe.

Registration fees in EUR (excl. VAT)

Registration of the NPO                                                                               450 EUR

Legal address and authorized contact person                         yearly fee 400 EUR

Remote service (cost per person)                                                              250 EUR
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