Company registration for e-residents in Estonia

Company with e-residency basic package

Assistance with company registration (1 person)
0 €
Company registration state fee
265 €
Legal address
200 €/year
Authorized contact person services
200 €
Total (excl. VAT)
665 €

Step by step guide

  1. Fill in the ordering form above.

  2. We will ask additional information (e.g. company details) and KYC (e.g. your passport copy and e-residency card copy) and later send you an invoice to pay.

  3. You pay for the invoice (wire / PayPal / card).

  4. We prepare the petition in online registry to establish your company.

  5. You log into the Company Registration Portal.

  6. Sign the petition with your e-residency card and let us know when it's done.

  7. We pay state fee for the registration and then submit the petition.

  8. If the name is accepted, the company is registered within 1-5 business days. 

Share capital and bank account

The company will be registered with share capital contribution.

After the company is registered, you are able to open a bank or PSP account of your choice. We are able to provide you with some suggestions, if necessary. In case of a negative answer, we can assist you in opening a bank account outside of Estonia (in some other EU country).

Inquiry form

    Additional services you are interested of
    Remote servicesCorporate documentsVAT ID registrationI will decide later

    Required documents

    E-residency card copy

    Passport copy signed digitally via e-residency card

    Utility bill


    Up to 1 working day preparation by the service provider after collection of all data
    Up to 1 working day after the client has signed the registration petition


    In case of technical problems you can get assistance from: Link to e-residency card technical support and help center

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